Something left in my Heart!!


In life, there is situation when you have to choose someone or something which is more important : It can be between two important things or persons.

And, it becomes more difficult when you love those two madly n truly n honestly.

There is always this kind of situation in everyones life that occurs : it can be just a matter of time. You can face this kind of situation when you have just began living your life or you are ready to begin living your life. Anytime!!!

I faced this kind of situation years ago. Undoubtedly, I chose my family over anything else. Yeah!! I agree someone on the other side was important for me too : someone I started liking when we met for the first time.

And we got engaged . We met through some relatives and our marriage was arranged. I was on nineth cloud. I guess this is all a girl wants at some point of life. Its all she have dreamed about her marriage when she was 6.

Dream broke before even starting!!

I really liked him actually started falling for him, “unaware about the situation that was decided by destiny in my future”.

Who knows “The  Future” .

After we got engaged , alot of disputes started occuring between our families.

Each day began with new problem and ended with another new problem.

Six months past our engagment and one month left for our marriage.

Familes broke-up, So do we !

We broke up!!

Today still there is something that I can’t share it with anyone. Something I may not be able to speak it up with anyone out there in the world. Something I wanted to but I wasn’t able to. Something I felt in my heart for the first time for someone. Something I loved for the first time and ended up with broken heart.

Something left in my heart!!





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